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The 3 Stages of Post Construction Cleaning

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It is usually advisable to avoid occupying a newly constructed building until that building has undergone thorough post-construction cleaning. This article discusses the three important phases of that cleaning process that should be done before you move into that new building.

Rough Cleaning

This first phase of cleaning involves getting rid of all the construction debris, such as paint overspray, dust and other leftover materials. All surfaces, such as floors and cabinets are normally wet-mopped, vacuumed and dusted in order to make them clean enough for the occupants of the building. Adhesives and other masking materials are also removed during this phase of the job. Any defects on the surfaces, such as cracks on flooring materials, are usually reported to the building owner or the construction company so that remedial action can be taken before the building's occupants move in.

Final Cleaning

This stage of the cleaning process begins by repeating the cleaning activities performed in the first stage. The cleaning crew then pays special attention to cleaning interior surfaces, such as air ducts, the cabinets and baseboards or floors. This final cleaning is carried out using better tools and equipment, such as microfibre rags as well as neutral cleaners because care must be taken to make the building ready for occupation without lingering residues from cleaning substances. The cleaning chemicals are also carefully selected to avoid damaging the surfaces that are being cleaned.

Touch-Up Cleaning

This is the final stage of the post-construction cleaning process. It is usually done several days after the final cleaning phase was done. The purpose of this interval is to allow any dirt or dust to settle so that cleaning crews can identify where more attention needs to be devoted in order to eliminate the final elements of dirt. The touch-up cleaning stage takes a short time because the emphasis here is placed upon getting rid of fingerprints, smudges and other cosmetic imperfections on the surfaces that were cleaned earlier. Some people opt to conduct post-construction cleaning without involving cleaning professionals. This approach is risky because one may not be as thorough as is necessary when cleaning the hidden sections of the building, such as the air ducts. This can leave dirt that can pose a threat to the health and safety of the people who use that building. It is therefore advisable to avoid the DIY approach to exit cleaning unless you are sure that you will do a comprehensive job of making the building ready for occupation.

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