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Two extra cleaning jobs to have done in your office before a big client meeting

Enrique Howell

If you've got some important clients coming into the office for a meeting soon, here are two extra cleaning tasks you should have done before their arrival.

Have the office upholstery cleaned

If you have upholstered furniture in your office (such as an upholstered sofa in your reception area and upholstered office seats in your meeting room), you should invest in upholstery cleaning services prior to the client meeting.

Whilst upholstered office furniture might not get dirty as quickly as its residential equivalent, it can develop a musty odour if it's only ever vacuumed and doesn't ever get cleaned with detergents. It may also develop stains due to employees and clients resting their tea and coffee cups on the arms, and eating snacks whilst sitting on it.

If the sofa your clients have to sit on in the reception area or the seats you provide them within the meeting room have a noticeable odour or are visibly stained, they might not be too impressed and might see this neglect as an indication of you having low standards. This would not get this important meeting off to a great start. By asking your cleaners to use some detergent, sanitiser and deodoriser on your upholstered office furniture, you can ensure that it smells fresh and is free from all stains when it's time for your clients to use it.

Get the office windows cleaned

If it's been a while since you've had your office windows cleaned, it might be sensible to get this task done shortly before your clients are expected to arrive. If, after sitting down on your beautifully clean upholstered furniture, your clients try to gaze out the window and are met with a smeared or dusty pane of glass that looks like it hasn't been washed in a very long time, the positive effects of the work your cleaners put into sprucing up the upholstery might be negated by windows' unpleasant condition.

Furthermore, if you're lucky enough to have an office with beautiful views, washing the windows so that they're easy to see through will ensure that you can 'wow' your clients not only with your presentation or business proposal but also with the amazing setting in which these events take place. Being able to point out the gorgeous architecture that can be seen through the perfectly clean window could serve as a talking point and help to break the ice at the beginning of your meeting.


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