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Two situations in which it's worth trying out a carpet steam cleaning service

Enrique Howell

Here are two situations in which you should consider using carpet steam cleaning services.

You're thinking about trimming a patch of stained carpet that has dried food stuck on it

If there is some dried-on food on your carpet that you cannot remove and you're now at the point where you're considering trimming the affected patch to remove the dirty fibres, you should try out a carpet steam cleaning service first.

If you trim the affected piece of carpet, the patch might not have unsanitary food encrusted onto it anymore, but it will be permanently damaged, as its fibres will be shorter than those that surround it. This will mean that, if you don't want this damage to be visible, you'll always have to hide this patch by, for example, placing some furniture or a plant pot over it. This could limit your choices, in regards to how you arrange furniture and decorate the room this carpet is in.

A professional steam cleaner can often remove stains that have been encrusted onto carpets for years; this is because the combination of the moisture and the high heat from the equipment can melt substances like dried-on food, without damaging the fibres onto which they've become stuck. As such, if you use this service, you might not only be able to avoid damaging your carpet but might also be able to avoid the hassles associated with disguising this damage.

You've just finished house-training your puppy and the carpets are very unhygienic

If you've recently succeeded in house-training your puppy, but the teaching process has resulted in your carpets becoming very unhygienic, then you should give a steam cleaning service a call. Whilst you can spot-treat the stains caused by your puppy's house training with disinfectants, applying these potent chemicals to dozens of areas of your home's carpets could cause several issues.

Firstly, the chemicals could discolour the patches of carpet they're applied to or affect the texture of the carpet fibres and make them more brittle and stiff. Secondly, if your puppy lays on, sniffs or eats fallen food off these disinfected carpets, they might ingest the disinfectant residue and get ill.

This is why steam-cleaning the carpets is the best solution; because the cleaner will only be using pure water, in the form of steam, to kill the germs on your carpets, not only will you not have to worry about any risk of discolouration or carpet fibre damage, but you can also allow your pet to walk or eat off these carpets immediately afterwards, without any risk of them ingesting harmful cleaning chemicals.

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