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Wet and Dry: The Two Carpet Deodorising Choices

Enrique Howell

When you clean the carpets, it is important to remove any visual staining that might have occurred, but, for a thorough clean, getting rid of odours is just as crucial. In the home, pets and food spillages can cause carpets to become smelly. A typical carpet services company will offer two options: wet and dry cleaning. Which is best for you?

Wet Deodorising and Cleansing

Wet cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Initially, your carpet is pre-conditioned with a chemical agent that turns any stains into a liquid. It also combines with any oil-based substances that might be present in the fibres of the carpet. Since many oils contain smelly particles, this can be a good way of deodorising a carpet. For instance, if you have spilt something like cooking fat onto a carpet, wet cleaning will dissolve both the stain and the odour.

After the agent has done its work, near boiling water is then injected into the carpet under pressure. This makes both the agent and any soiling and oils that contain smells easier to remove. After about a quarter of an hour, the mixture of water and stains is extracted with a vacuum cleaner.

Although the process can be repeated if smells persist, this process is hard on delicate carpets, and their fibres will gradually fade in texture and colour, leading to the need for new carpet. Wet cleaning means leaving the floor to dry out before it can be walked on again, so it is not ideal for busier locations.

Dry Deodorising and Cleansing

Dry cleaning is usually performed with powder that is made up of particular solvents and cleaning agents. A technician will spread the powder evenly over the carpet, and then that powder will be worked into the carpet with a special machine that has rotating brushes. The powder works by attracting dirt in the carpet's fibres, but it won't remove any odours unless they are emanating from the stains they cling to.

The powder should be allowed to rest on the carpet for about 10 minutes, and then a vacuum cleaner removes it along with any of the offending material it has attracted. This process is quicker than a wet clean but is not always as effective with smells. In plush carpets, it is also hard to remove all of the powder, so this is not a method that is recommended if you have a deep pile floor covering.


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