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Preparing for Moving Day

Enrique Howell

Before you move out of a rented property, it's important to go over your contract to see whether there is anything that stipulates what must be done before handing back the keys. Often the contract will state that the property must be presented in the same condition, minus wear and tear. However others might require you to invest in a professional cleaning company to ensure that the carpets and furnishings are clean and ready for the next occupants. This is more often the case with newer homes or homes where the current tenants own pets. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare for moving day by hiring of a professional cleaning company.

Hired Help

If your contract states that you need to hire a company to clean your property, they may also provide you with a list of local options that they have approved. Usually this is done so that they can guarantee the work, and they can take the payment for the cleaning directly from your deposit.

If they do provide you with a list of companies, it's worth checking them out, as you may find that the work of unapproved companies is not covered by insurance. If they do an unsatisfactory job, you may still have to pay from your deposit.

Approved companies can also be used to clean the property when you move in and are usually happy to take photos of their work that can be used as evidence at a later stage.

Cleaning companies themselves will do everything from carpets and kitchens to tile and grout cleaning; however, making sure the house or flat is tidy before they arrive will allow them to finish the job quicker, and may even improve the end result, as furniture that needs to be moved around a lot can cause dust particles to be released. 

Photo Evidence

Throughout your tenancy, take photos of every bit of damage that is caused by leaking pipes and other problems that weren't caused by you. You'll be able to hand them over along with the keys as evidence that it was the fault of the letting agent or landlord. Talk to your cleaning company as well about providing evidence that stains and markings that were there when you moved in cannot be removed. As long as they were there at the beginning of your letting, they should not impact your deposit. 


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