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Helpful Tips for Cleaning Tile Around the Home

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Cleaning tile around the home can be very challenging, as some stains can get ground in and become very difficult to clean and remove completely, especially from porous tile materials and from the surrounding grout. You also need to ensure you don't use harsh chemicals and abrasives that will actually damage the tile or cause pits and holes in the surface, which can then lead to the tile holding even more dirt and looking even dingier. Note a few helpful tips for cleaning tile around the home so you know the job gets done right and your tile is also protected.

Cleaning grout

To clean grout from tiles without damaging it or the tiles themselves, start with a nylon brush and warm water and remove what dirt you can. Next, use a mixture of water and white vinegar on the spots where stubborn dirt remains. Use the brush to scrub away at any mould and mildew.

If there are heavier stains, make a paste of baking soda, peroxide and water. Make sure you've rinsed away the vinegar solution or the cleaner might bubble and foam; this isn't dangerous, but it may get in the way of being able to clean the tile with your wire brush and wipe it dry.

Cleaning grease from kitchen tiles

Stubborn grease on kitchen tiles is best addressed by natural cleaners and not degreasers, which can harm soft tile materials and leave a film behind. Use a sponge dipped in undiluted white vinegar to address the grease; rinse the sponge several times and soak it in the vinegar again, as needed. Once the greased is removed, use a fresh sponge dipped in warm water to finish the cleaning.

Cleaning ceramic and porcelain tile

Ceramic and porcelain are very soft and often very porous, more so than slate and other hard stones. To clean these tiles, first vacuum them. This will help remove dust and dirt that settles into the porous surface, so that you don't simply push it into the tile during cleaning. Use a mild floor cleaner without wax or bleach, and dilute it with water. Try a rag or chamois cloth to mop the floor rather than a string mop, which usually holds dirt and pushes it around the floor, dulling the surface.

If these methods don't get your tiles and grout cleaned properly, it may be time to have them professionally steam cleaned. The steam will loosen the dirt and help to remove it without damaging the tile surface or leaving a dull residue behind.


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