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Stay Cool: The Importance Of Having Your Air Conditioning Ducts Professionally Cleaned After Renovations

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Having your home renovated can be a laborious and messy process, and the amount of detritus, rubble, plaster dust and other waste materials left behind after the average renovation makes calling in professional construction cleaning services to handle the mess a very good idea. These thorough cleaning services will scrub every trace of waste construction material away from the areas you ask them to, but there is one particularly important space to clean that often goes forgotten -- your air conditioning ducts.

Why should I have my air conditioning ducts professionally cleaned after a renovation?

Even very limited forms of building renovation, such as knocking through a single wall or sanding down the floors in one or two rooms, create large amounts of waste material to be disposed of, some of which is released into the air of your home as dusty powder and particulate matter. Brick dust, powdered drywall, sawdust and other particuate forms of renovation waste can subsequently accumulate in the more isolate spaces around your home if not removed promptly, and a large proportion of this airborne dust can be sucked into your air conditioning ducts.

Once inside the ducts, this dust tends to accumulate in growing deposits near bends and corners in your ducts. This can cause a variety of problems; not only is the airflow from your air conditioning blocked by the growing deposits of dust, but fragments of the dust can be blown out into your home's air columns, settling on furniture and surfaces and making your home very difficult to keep clean.

There is, however, an even more important reason to have your ducts cleaned after your renovation. If inhaled, articles of construction material such as brick and drywall can cause serious and irreversible damage to the lungs and respiratory system. This detritus is particularly dangerous to those with sensitive or impaired respiratory systems, and can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions in sufferers. Needless to say, getting rid of these dust deposits promptly is vitally important.

How should I have my air conditioning ducts professionally cleaned?

Many homeowners attempt to clean their air conditioning ducts themselves after a renovation, and if you have a suitably powerful vacuum fitted with fine particle filters you may even be able to do a half decent job of it. However, amateur attempt to clean renovation waste from air conditioning ducts are counterproductive more often than not, and you're more likely to throw more dust into the air than you trap in the vacuum if you attempt it yourself.

Calling in professional construction cleaning experts is always the best option, as they will possess the equipment and experience necessary to thoroughly and safely clean your ducts. These services make use of specialised dust vacuums which ensure no dust is allowed to escape back into your rooms during the cleaning process, and have the extended tools and confined space training necessary to clean even the deepest and most inaccessible portions of your ducting system.


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