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First Time Hiring a Carpet Cleaner? Follow These Tips

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If you've never hired your own carpet cleaner before, you might find the whole experience a little daunting. This isn't helped by the fact that instructions aren't always clear, and there are lots of little tricks you really only learn from using the machine yourself. Luckily, we're listed plenty of tips that will turn your big carpet clean from a stressful nightmare to an easy, satisfying experience. Read on to find out how to get your carpets squeaky clean without the drama.

Test a Small Area First 

All carpets are different, and there are occasions when a certain carpet cleaner or product just isn't suitable for your floor coverings. Check the instructions thoroughly for any warnings, then test your carpet cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area. Let the area dry completely before continuing, as there could be damage that isn't noticeable while the fibres are soaked. If possible, keep small offcuts of all your carpets for testing purposes.

Start Opposite the Door 

Do you fancy squelching your way across the soaking wet carpet you just cleaned? Nope? Then you'll want to make sure you start cleaning in the far corner of the room so that you end next to the doorway and can exit the room easily. This protects your carpet and saves you an unpleasant experience. Sounds obvious, but it's easy to forget.

Clean in Straight Lines 

Do you find yourself weaving around the room without any real plan when you clean your carpet? For best results, clean in slightly overlapping straight lines. This ensures that you don't miss a single spot, and it saves you trying to memorize a roundabout route. Overlapping the lines reduces the risk of streaks, saving you extra work. Push your cleaner at a slow, steady speed for a consistent clean.

Don't Over Soak the Carpet 

Most carpet cleaners have both a 'wet' and 'dry' setting. Relying too heavily on the wet setting can over soak your carpets, meaning they take a longer time to dry and can start to smell damp. To avoid this, be sparing with the amount of wet cleaning you do, and make use of the dry setting as much as you can. Keep your doors and windows open during the cleaning process to increase circulation and reduce overall drying time.

Use the Hose for Small Crevices

No matter how hard you try, there will probably be a few small corners and crevices you can't access with your regular cleaner. Use the hose attachment to get into these tricky areas for a completely thorough clean.

Hiring a carpet cleaner doesn't need to be stressful! Follow these tips to make sure everything runs smoothly.


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