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Bond Refunds: Critical Guidelines for Successful End of Lease Inspection

Enrique Howell

If you are planning on moving out of your rental home, you must consider the inspection of your house. In general, you will need to perform some restorative work on the house because an agent will be sent to examine the condition of the property. If it is not in good shape, the security bond that you paid at the beginning of tenancy will be withheld. This issue can cause your move to be more stressful than necessary. Therefore, consider using these practical tips to help you pass the inspection.

Check Your Property Condition Report

When tenants move into a home, the agent or landlord will assess the state of the property and record the details. This report will be used to examine the status of the building. If the details do not match, your bond could be withheld to restore the home. Therefore, you should obtain the document from your agent before you begin the process of refurbishing the property. This option is more valuable than generic online lists because each property is unique.

Perform Repairs

Features, appliances and surfaces can fail during the tenancy. Unfortunately, if you leave these issues and the agent finds the damage during the inspection, the cost implications will be high. Often, your bond will be withheld. You can avoid the problems and unreasonable expenses associated with the rental property damage by performing DIY repairs or hiring a tradesperson. The latter option is favourable because most agents will identify shoddy work.

Perform Interior Detail Cleaning

The pre-inspection internal cleaning process should be detailed. While cleaning might seem like a small issue, it is a common pitfall for ex-tenants. Remember that leaving the house uncleaned will necessitate the engagement of cleaners, and the landlord will be unwilling to foot the bill. You should clean as you did when you moved in. The kitchen, bathroom and general spaces should be free of stains, dust, smudges, odours, pests and clutter.

Restore the Exterior Property Space

In most cases, the agents will check the exterior space before clearance. Ensure that the verandas or patios are scrubbed clean, and the walls, outdoor furniture and window sills are free from dust and cobwebs. Also, you should ensure that the landscape is clean and neat before the final assessment. 

Preparing your old home for inspection can be a challenging and time-consuming process, especially when you are preparing to move. Therefore, you should consider contacting a professional cleaner about  end of lease cleaning assistance. 


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