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Are Bulk Curtain Laundry Services a Good Investment?

Enrique Howell

Regardless of how meticulous you are with household cleaning, there will always be some areas that are either out of reach or too arduous to thoroughly clean. While some homeowners may identify their carpeting as one such area, it is surprising to find that most people overlook their curtains as another part of their home that will need professional cleaning. Your curtains may not always be in direct contact with the residents of your household, but they do function as a barrier on your windows. Hence, any pollutants that may drift into your home from the outdoors will have their initial contact with your curtains.

Dusting your curtains from time to time may get rid of surface grime, but it does not eliminate the contaminants embedded deep in the fibres. Read on to find out why bulk curtain laundry services are a judicious investment for your home.

Bulk curtain laundry services get rid of household allergens

Considering how your curtains are typically left undisturbed once they are opened or closed, they become a haven for a host of microbes. Over time, your curtains can harbour various allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, bacteria and even excrement from insects. Without deep-cleaning, the contaminants gradually seep into the curtain's fibres, and when you open and close them, the pollutants are kicked up and dispersed around your home.

You will then find that you and your loved ones are becoming increasingly susceptible to respiratory problems. Moreover, anyone with a pre-existing respiratory condition will become more vulnerable to allergic reactions. Bulk curtain laundry services not only minimise the presence of these pollutants but also subsequently improve the quality of your indoor air.

Bulk curtain laundry services minimise the risk of mould

You may be thinking that it will just be much more affordable to dismount your curtains and wash them yourself. Although this may seem economical at the onset, you are not putting into consideration the long-term implications of carrying out this task on your own. Once the curtains have been washed, it may take a considerable amount of time for them to completely dry.

If you hang up the curtains while they are still damp, you substantially increase the risk of mould and mildew in your home. Furthermore, when these spores start to spread, they can quickly adhere to your upholstery as well as your carpeting. Before you know it, this fungus infests your entire home. Bulk curtain laundry services use special techniques to dry the fabric thoroughly, which ensures the curtains are returned to your home moisture-free.


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