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Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Carpets

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Carpets may be used in residential or commercial environments. They help in buffering and filtering airborne particles and suppressing dust and noise. This helps to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. Your carpet will eventually harbour various forms of bacteria, pollen, aeroallergens, dust mites among others and so proper cleaning has to be done.

If proper cleaning is not done, moisture will provide a good environment for the survival of microbial contaminants that get suspended in the air during daily activities. Being around such pollutants over time may cause allergies, asthma, skin irritations and hypersensitivity. Note how to carry out an effective carpet cleaning job. If you feel you cannot manage proper cleaning, get a professional carpet cleaner!

Dry Vacuum

The first thing you will need to do is remove your carpet and dry vacuum it using a vacuum cleaner. An effective vacuum cleaner should have a motorised head that has rotating brushes. This has enough power to break the strong physical and electrostatic forces that trap dirt deep within the carpet. A regular vacuum may not have enough strength to accomplish deep cleaning. Dry vacuuming alone is not sufficient, to ensure your carpet is clean, it needs to undergo wet extraction also known as carpet steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaning/Wet Extraction

Some dirt and other particulates may be removed by dry vacuuming, but stains, residual chemicals and soil and dirt particulates deep in the carpet fibres may need steam cleaning to suspend and dissolve them for extraction. You can use warm water and low residue detergents to suspend the particulates. Make sure the detergents used are in accordance with the carpet manufacturer's instructions. It is also important not to over wet the carpet as over wetting can lead to carpets not drying thoroughly.

After suspending the soils and dirt, go ahead and wet vacuum.

The carpet requires to be completely dry before returning it to its position. Use air movers or dryers to hasten the drying process. Make sure there is no wetness as moisture presents ideal environments for mould growth and proliferation. This process may not be easy to carry out, thus the reason why an experienced carpet cleaner should handle it. You may also not be in possession of the right equipment.

Regular Vacuuming

This is important to remove particulates before they get too deep into the carpet fibres and helps in maintenance as well. You do not require a heavy-duty vacuum. A regular one will work fine.


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