Office, Shop and Restaurant Cleaning Services

Office, Shop and Restaurant Cleaning Services

What External Services Should You Expect of a Good Cleaning Contractor?

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If you rent your premises, then your office cleaning services company will usually only need to conduct their work inside. It is only businesses which own their own commercial premises that need a cleaning contractor who can undertake basic external work as well. After all, part of the rental fee for tenant businesses covers external maintenance and cleaning. If you require a cleaning contractor which will also be able to provide external services, then what are the key features to look out for?

Professional Lawn Mowing 

Firstly, commercial lawn mowing should be one of the services that are conducted by any contractor you have under consideration. Even if you don't have a patch of grass on your land, this is the sort of service that should be offered by all contractors who work outside. Therefore, if it is missing from their list of service, then the company concerned is not really geared up for external building maintenance at all. Remember that commercial lawn mowing may be something that is needed frequently through the summer but may never have to be conducted over the course of the winter months at all. As such, this sort of service directly relates to how adaptable the service provider in question really is. Other aspects of lawn maintenance include weeding and pruning any shrubs that you have planted, perhaps to create zonal divisions on your car park, for example.

External Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning is something that you will need if you are to keep your offices in mint condition throughout the year. Although there are plenty of office cleaning contractors around who will clean the inside of your windows for you, it is not necessarily the case that the outside will be cleaned at all. Since commercial window cleaning often means working from height, specialist training and even safety equipment will be needed so this is definitely something to check out before awarding a contract to a particular cleaning firm.

High-Pressure Washing Services

High-pressure cleaning is something that is increasingly popular for Australian commercial premises these days. Mobile washing units are now fairly commonplace in all of the major cities in the country. Not only do they make tarmac surfaces look as good as new, but they can also remove years of built-up grime, something that is a particular consideration if your premises is located in an industrialised area. High-pressure external cleaning can also help you to get rid of unwanted vandalism, such as graffiti art, very effectively. It is also one of the best ways to rid your premises of other hard-to-remove stains caused by motor oil or even chewing gum.


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