Office, Shop and Restaurant Cleaning Services

Office, Shop and Restaurant Cleaning Services

  • Two situations in which it's worth trying out a carpet steam cleaning service

    Here are two situations in which you should consider using carpet steam cleaning services. You're thinking about trimming a patch of stained carpet that has dried food stuck on it If there is some dried-on food on your carpet that you cannot remove and you're now at the point where you're considering trimming the affected patch to remove the dirty fibres, you should try out a carpet steam cleaning service first.

  • Two extra cleaning jobs to have done in your office before a big client meeting

    If you've got some important clients coming into the office for a meeting soon, here are two extra cleaning tasks you should have done before their arrival. Have the office upholstery cleaned If you have upholstered furniture in your office (such as an upholstered sofa in your reception area and upholstered office seats in your meeting room), you should invest in upholstery cleaning services prior to the client meeting. Whilst upholstered office furniture might not get dirty as quickly as its residential equivalent, it can develop a musty odour if it's only ever vacuumed and doesn't ever get cleaned with detergents.

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Office, Shop and Restaurant Cleaning Services

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